Afrocrowdfunding is, as its name implies, a crowdfunding site with the aim of raising funds for sustainable ventures, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, and of course Liberia in particular. Unlike micro-lending, the funds are donations but supporters will in most cases receive a symbolic product or service as a show of gratitude.

All projects that we endorse are socio-environmentally sustainable, with the aim of not just enabling remarkable people in Africa improve quality of life for their communities but to bring western supporters closer to and feel like they are an actual part of the exciting changes that are taking place on this magnificent continent.

95% of funds raised for each project (after transaction costs) are passed on directly to the project owners, who are thoroughly vetted and monitored by us. These may be individuals, companies, co-ops or NGOs. To make a project submission, please contact us at For donations, visit the website and follow the instructions.