Pressrelease 14.03.2016

Liberian Multiple Enterprises is delighted to announce that Swedpartnership has granted part funding for a joint venture sustainable development project in Liberia that aims to provide ”green” electricity in rural areas. The venture, called ElectroSwap, is a partnership with BorrGrossisten i Sverige AB and was conceived by the trio Simon Tocclo, Björn Thelin and Adrian Rösiö.

The background is that while the people of Liberia need all kinds of infrastructure, electricity is the most crucial as it grants them access to the Information Age. Most Liberians have mobile phones and internet access but 90% lack access to electricity. Mobile phone services have enabled people all over sub-Saharan Africa to leapfrog fixed line access for telephony and Internet but without a functioning electrical grid they are hamstrung, forced to constantly travel to charging stations and to rely on kerosene for indoor lighting, the latter being extremely detrimental to both their health and the environment. ElectroSwap seeks to remedy the electricity problem and in a way leapfrog the need for an electrical grid by providing powerbanks (battery rechargers) through a swapping system as well as LED lamps that can run for up to 20 hours per charge.

Seeing as the ElectroSwap powerbanks will be charged via solar panels as opposed to diesel generators, which are the norm in Liberia, this is a ”green” electricity venture and the aim is to make the ElectroSwap concept ubiquitous in sub-Saharan Africa. The reason why Liberia was chosen was in part due to the country having been ravaged by two civil wars and then by ebola, but also because Simon Tocclo was born there and sent to Sweden as an unaccompanied minor to escape the atrocities that befell Liberia and cost his father his life.