About Me

Adopted to Sweden as a child, I did not return to my birth country until 38 years later, in December of 2013. I learned that my father had been killed during the Liberian Civil War and found my mother ailing but I had 8 brothers who were alive and well.

Once the emotional roller-coaster had settled and I began re-acquainting myself with my birth country, I realized that Liberia was in great need of re-building after almost two decades of devastating civil wars. What struck me the most was the enterprising spirit of the Liberian people and I saw that if harnessed properly there could be tremendous business potential that could rapidly lift Liberia out of adversity and into prosperity.

Together with my brothers and some close Swedish friends I founded Liberian Multiple Enterprises as a means of bringing sustainable business opportunities to fruition. Our mission is to identify business opportunities in Liberia and act as a facilitator for western businesses, institutions and donors that seek to start, joint-venture or co-fund sustainable ventures in Liberia.

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